Water Treatment Plants

 We have three water treatment plants for tap water supply ― in Murano, in Niwakubo, and in Mishima ― with a total capacity of 2.33 million cubic meters per day.

Murano Water Treatment Plant

 This plant ― the largest in Japan and one of the largest in the world ― meets about 80% of water we supply. There is an uncommon water treatment facility that is configured on multiple stories.
[Water Supply Capacity: 1,797,000㎥/day]

Niwakubo Water Treatment Plant

 This is the oldest water treatment plant in OWSA. A tour that allows visitors to experience and enjoy the facility is offered.
[Water Supply Capacity: 203,000㎥/day]

Mishima Water Treatment Plant

 Due to difficulty securing an adequate site, this plant was constructed in two separate locations: the Mishima Water Treatment Plant in Settsu City; and the Expo Park Water Treatment Plant in Suita City, where the water is treated after the filtration processes.
 The Expo Park Water Treatment Plant uses land efficiently by locating the clean water reservoir beneath the field surface of the Expo'70 Stadium and situating the pumping station below the stadium's rear stands.
[Water Supply Capacity: 330,000㎥/day]