Outline of Water Supply by OWSA

Tap Water Supply

 Osaka Prefecture contains only one abundant water source, the Yodo River. Most municipalities in the prefecture cannot alone provide the required amount of water.
 So we take raw water from the Yodo River and turn it into tap water through Advanced Water Treatment, and we supply it to 42 municipalities within Osaka Prefecture; these municipalities in turn provide water to homes, schools, and commercial enterprises.
 We supply about 70% of the tap water to the residents of Osaka Prefecture(other than those in Osaka City).

 Daily Water Supply Capacity: 2,330,000㎥
 Annual Water Supply: Approx. 530 million ㎥
 Total Conduit Length: 565㎞

Industrial Water Supply

 We directly supply industrial water to about 440 companies in Osaka Prefecture for cooling, washing, and other industrial applications.

 Daily Water Supply Capacity: 800,000㎥
 Annual Water Supply: Approx. 105 million ㎥
 Total Conduit Length: 524㎞